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Welcome to Friends United
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TirillHello everyone.
Someone said it was to many warlocks in the guild, so I will leave, hehe.
No, the reason why I leave is that my daughter want's me to come over to the realm she's playing at.
But I love this guild and will still have my other char here.
See you laters folks.

Tirill. =)
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pinglan   so who is the event planner now?.
Tirill   Awwww, nice you are. Linn is still the eventplanner. I've only been the extra planner. But.. I still have my alt's there so I'll pop in someday. =)
Phiyala   Well that comes as a shock. I hope you will be having lots of fun on your daughters realm but be sure that you are going to be very missed here. Thank you for all your hard work with the events and being around. Lordie will be besides himself by now. Hope to see you on one of your alts of course. BIg hugs from Phi
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Lörddirdirs   uploaded an image to Legion
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LörddirdirsA handy - Love is in the Air - guide.
2 New Toys, sadly no new pets. And good luck on that - Big Love Rocket. Now Alts that are + lvl 16 can join the Mini boss event. So have fun and good luck.
Love is in the Air (February 7 - February 21)
Everything about the Love is in the Air holiday, including acquiring Love Tokens, defeating the Crowne Company, and rewards like the Big Love Rocket.
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LörddirdirsNext Micro Holiday will be Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl - 31 january -
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Tirill   Tomorrow. =) Be ready couse you know who will ask you what it is. moahahahahaha
Lörddirdirs   bOOEh Blizz cancelling this event.
LörddirdirsBetter late than never : Lunar Festival 2017 Guide : 3 new toys
Lunar Festival (Jan 21 - Feb 4)
Everything about the Lunar Festival holiday, including honoring Elders with maps, redeeming Coins of Ancestry, and acquiring Dragon Costume toys.
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Lörddirdirs   Lovely avatar image
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